Tax Controversy and Litigation

Like most Americans, you have worked hard to amass your wealth and you do not like Uncle Sam sticking his hand in your pocket or looking for a hand out. Whether it is a personal tax controversy or an issue associated with your business, any time the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is involved, it is highly advisable that you consult a tax attorney.

We can assist you in dealing with the IRS by:

  1. Negotiating and establishing a payment plan;
  2. Appealing any judgments or levies against you or your business;
  3. Handling a post-appeal mediation;
  4. Litigating your case in tax court;
  5. Facilitating an administrative audit;
  6. Negotiating tax penalties.

Here, at Burke Faulkner Law, P.A. we strategically fight for you and your business every step of the way. Our goal is to resolve the controversy as quickly as possible to minimize the risk, cost, and exposure that you make face with the IRS. We have a strong working relationship with the IRS that has helped our firm obtain fair and just settlements on behalf of our clients. In the first half of 2016, we successfully obtained over $220,000 in penalty, tax and interest waivers for clients while obtaining favorable payment plans for several others.